Welcome, My name is Melike Konur. 

I'm a Singer-Dancer-Actress-Model. 

I will start off by saying that I am Grateful! 

First, that you're reading this- and so honored to continue to share my artistry. 

I was raised in a small suburb of Washington DC in Virginia, one of 6 and the oldest daughter. My roots are widespread: West African-Cherokee-Albanian-Turkish-French and growing up our home was filled with music from all of these corners of the world. 

 I started ballet when I was 5 , teaching ballet when I was 11, performing professionally at the Kennedy Center at 14, and conservatory educated by the age of 21.  

I moved to Istanbul Turkey in 2011 in pursuit of an international career. I have since travelled all over from Costa Rica to Prague, Paris, London, Rome and Shanghai recording vocals, dancing in commercials and appearing on stages before people from all walks of life. 

I currently split my time between New York City and my second home always, Istanbul. 

Won't you stay a while and take a look around, listen and buy some music and I hope that maybe You will be Inspired today...