Melike Konur is an AfroTurkish human, lover and singer/songwriter raised in what once was a wild swamp on the shores of the Potomac River.

As one of 6 and the eldest daughter, she grew up playing in the garden, making magical potions from honeysuckles, wild onions, berries and leaves. Her approach to life is led by family, nature and the intrinsic need to maintain connection to the earth and her widespread Indigenous heritage: West African-Cherokee-Turkish. 

Growing up, her home was filled with music from all of these corners of the world. As early as the age of 5, her mother would encourage Melike to choreograph dances to the lyrics of Chaka Khan and Sade. 

By the age of 14, Melike was performing professionally at the Kennedy Center and traveling to study in LA with Debbie Allen. She was conservatory educated by the age of 21 at Point Park Conservatory of the Arts.

She moved to Istanbul Turkey in 2011 in pursuit of her roots, which led to an international career on stages from Paris Fashion Week to The Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, London to Prague and Shanghai recording vocals, dancing in commercials and appearing on stages before people from all walks of life.

An international act, she currently lives between Istanbul and New York while making appearances on stages worldwide. She is associated with AfroYaqui Music Collective, Alex Claffy, Mike King, Mike Ode, Aja Salvatore, Ousseynou Kouyate, Kelsey Robinson, Vie Boheme, Lah Melike, Kerime Konur, Nublu art house and a growing list of other co-conspirators of creating global unity one musical note at a time.