The lack of representation of Black mothers in the performing arts perpetuates harmful stereotypes and erases the diverse experiences of Black motherhood. This realization has fueled the mission of the MUVA movement. MUVA is dedicated to challenging these barriers by centering the stories and experiences of Black performing artists who are also mothers.

Through MUVA, we aim to raise awareness about the systemic barriers that limit the opportunities and recognition of Black mothers in the performing arts. It is crucial to create a more equitable landscape that acknowledges and celebrates the talents and contributions of these artists.

Our ultimate goal is to celebrate and amplify the voices of Black performing artists who are also mothers. We believe in creating a safe and inclusive space where these artists can share their stories, experiences, and artistic expressions. By providing a platform for their narratives, we aim to challenge stereotypes, dismantle barriers, and create opportunities for greater representation and recognition.

MUVA is committed to fostering dialogue, understanding, and appreciation for the unique perspectives and journeys of Black performing artists who are mothers. We recognize the strength and resilience they embody and seek to uplift their voices, paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse performing arts industry.

Together, through MUVA, we can create a transformative space where the stories and experiences of Black performing artists who are mothers are acknowledged, celebrated, and valued.

MUVA SAYS... The Podcast

Hello and welcome to the MUVA podcast! Our mission is to support Black performing artists who are also mothers, and to explore the intersection of artistry, personhood, and motherhood. We are excited to bring you conversations with a diverse range of guests, including Black and POC artists, as well as allies who support our community.

Throughout the episodes, we will be discussing a variety of topics related to motherhood and creativity. Our questions will delve into our guest's personal experiences, including their relationship with their own mother, the most influential and detrimental maternal figures in their life, and their own journey towards becoming a mother.

We will also explore our guest's artistic expression and how it relates to their identity as a mother, including their training and background, as well as their experiences channeling their creativity during pregnancy and the first year of motherhood.

Other topics we will cover include our guest's comfort rituals, their rebellious side, and how they balance their creative pursuits with the demands of motherhood. We will also discuss their aspirations as an artist and mother, and what they need to achieve their goals.