The Soulful Sounds™ Workshop

Harness Your Soulful Voice & Cultivate Embodied Sound

In a group setting of 4 people or more, this offering gently guides & playfully encourages your evolving voice to arise from the Heart and Soul.
Arrive at a deeper recognition of community and the cycles of life through rhythmic inner-standing and tonal awareness beneficial also for corporate spaces.

Cultivate empowered groups through a sense of togetherness and form new or reestablish old bonds in the shared experience of authentic expression of sound and movement.

The workshop is rooted in history of the evolution of Black African American Culture and utilizes the musical building blocks of gospel, jazz, blues, spoken word, and R&B

in tandem with Principles of Mindfulness Meditation™

using exercises for Breath-Awareness, Vocalization, Playful Body Percussion and Movement.

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